Thursday, September 12, 2013

Her Furniture

She had a marvelous designer from Buffalo Grove, so don't overlook the linens.  

If you would like a piece that isn't huge, the best thing would be to come and get it if you can.  We have the apartment until the end of the month.  

We can have the movers deliver either to Tammy or to Margo's, whichever you prefer.  

Only thing is, it can't stay either place forever :).

Tam, you're already down for the curio cabinet, the ottoman, and the stand with the figurines just outside the kitchen.  

1.  Below a television and a stand, some figurines below

2.  Short table, beige and white, probably 3 ft by 3 ft.

3. Sofa and matching pillows, also match the 2 armchairs.

4. Marble top sculpture stand.

5. 2 kitchen chairs with pillows, there's also a kitchen table, nice for a corner.

6.  Dining room arm chairs, 2 of them

7.  2 good twin beds, nice bedspreads and sheets, pillows, and the doll I gave her for her birthday a few years back.

8. the two short white end tables, about 18 inch squares.

Not shown, the white kitchen table, but it's yours for the asking.

Paintings, prints-- wall art

1.  Hebrew letter hand written lithograph

2. Uncle Howie's still life

3.  Israeli- bride and groom

4.  Glossy Still Life 

5.  Two collage-type pieces

6. Three silks (flowers)


A china shop wouldn't be much of a china shop without figurines.  Most of these sold for hundreds of dollars in the seventies.  Now they don't sell at all. Capo de something, they're called, and the Italian ones were the most popular.






6. (Just tell me which ones you want).




3.  The touch lamp.

4. It's a tall one.

5.  There are 2 of these, but we can break up the set.  Anything to move the merchandise.

Glass Bowls, Trays, Vases, etc.

1. Glass tray 1

2. Glass tray 2

3. Glass tray 3

4. Glass tray 4

5. Glass tray five

6. Glass tray 6

7. Tall water pitcher

8. Large crystal bowl

9. Small glass bowl

10. Nice jelly jar

11.  Crystal vase, medium

12. Small water pitcher


Other sculptures and dust catchers

You know what I mean.

1.  A spice box for Havdalah

2. Gorgeous silk flowers and vase

 3. Prettier in person

4. Leather sculpture, huge

5. Porcelain bowl

6. Real plant

7. Perfume bottle 1

8.  Perfume bottle 2.

 9. Perfume bottle 3

10. Crazy blue vase from the 50's and the microwave, too!


Dishes, appliances, odds and ends

1.  A study pillow, never used.

2.  Her dairy dishes.

3. A napkin holder

4.  More dairy dishes

5.  Creamer and sugar with tray

6. Dessert plates, dairy

7. Coffee maker

8.  The afghan

9.  Make-up mirror
 10.  Soft soap
 11. Kleenex!